Sunday, June 3, 2007

Anal Sex - Porn Story

It's mid-afternoon and as I step out of the shower, I hear you arrive home. Wrapping a towel around my body, I walk out to greet you and give you a hot kiss. My skin is still wet with little water droplets clinging here and there. You tug at my towel and slip your hand inside to fondle my breast as you nip at my neck.

I pull away and giggle as I head for the bedroom, motioning with one finger for you to follow me. I dry myself off slowly while giving you seductive looks. I see the pure lust in your eyes and let a moan escape my lips as I watch you undress.

I lean over the side of the bed, placing one knee on the mattress and shake my ass at you. I run my hand down my back to the crack of my ass and slide my fingers inside.

"C'mon, darlin', want some of this?" I moan as you come to stand behind me.

You grab the lubrication and pour some into your hand, warming it before coating my crack with it, slipping a finger inside my ass to lube it up. I moan and buck my hips backwards. You take your cock and I feel you run it over my ass cheeks, down the crack, lubing the head as you poke it towards my tight hole. I let out a moan as it comes to rest at my puckered back door.

"You want it, baby," you tease. Your hands grip my hips as you slowly slip the head inside. "You want this stuffed inside your sweet ass?"

I stiffen a bit and groan my reply. "Yes, lover..."

You lean down and nip my ear, sliding in a little more. "Relax, baby," you whisper into my ear as you stroke my sides, then slowly slide in another inch. Moaning louder, I push my ass back against you, ready to take more.

You slide your hands up my body and caress my large rounded breasts, fondling them, plucking the nipples as you slide in halfway. I bump my butt against you and moan. "Oh yesssss, darlin'." Then I reach for the cock shaped vibrating dildo and turn it on. Its hum causes my pussy juices to flow and I slip it into my sweet tight snatch. I fuck my own pussy in rhythm with you as you fuck my ass.

"Ohhhhh god yessssss! It feels so good to have both holes filled. Ohhhhhhhh yes! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!" I scream. "More, yes! Yes! Yes! YES! YES! YES! YESSS! OHHHH YESSSS, darlin'," as I cum on the vibrator stuffed in my snatch.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anal Sex - Porn Story

As he slid the head of his cock into her he moaned, she felt so good, so tight. Her ass squeezing his cock, milking him. He pressed in deeper, every inch feeling like heaven to him. Her body wrapped around him like a glove, so hot and tight, smooth and silky. Her ass muscles clinched against him, massaging his cock. He stayed still inside her, enjoying her warmth, wanting it to last forever.

Cats body was on fire, every fiber of her being wanted this, wanted to feel him deep inside her. He began fucking her, gliding his cock in and out. "Ohhh godd, ohhh godd yessss. Randy, oh god baby, yesssssssssss." He increased his tempo, moving faster, harder, deeper.

His fingers toyed with her clit as he moved. They were lost in the sensations, her ass squeezing and milking his cock, his fingers on her clit.

"Fuck, oh fuck! Cat, my god!"

Their moaning had turned to screams by now. He was so close, feeling his balls tighten, ready for release. They were both so close, ready to explode. Cat screamed as she finally maxed, "Fuck! Yess, oh yesss, yess! Holy fuck I'm cumming!" Randy felt Cats body rock with her orgasm, her juices squirting out, gliding down her thighs.

Feeling her body tense around his cock as she came sent Randy over the edge. He pulled his cock from her ass at the last second, shooting stream after stream of cum across her back.

They collapsed exhausted onto the ground, both of them too breathless to even speak. After a moment Cat shifted, positioning herself to look into Randys eyes. "Race you back home," she said.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Anal Sex - porn story

Her moans were soft and low, fueling Randys desire. She was leaning back, grinding her pussy into him, wanting to feel his tongue on her sex. "Yess, oh Randy yess, lick me. Lick my pussy." He was moving slowly, setting her body on fire as he stroked his tongue along her slit. Slipping it inside, lightly flicking across her swollen clit.

"Ohhhh yesss. Oh god yesss."

"Mmmm that's my kitty, moan for me baby."

He slid one finger inside, then another, working in and out of her tight puss. His mouth sucking lightly on her lips, her clit, darting his tongue across her sex. She was leaning on her forearms now, her entire body focused on the sensation in her pussy.

Randy moved his atention to the little rosebud of her ass, gliding his fingers around it as he continued to lick Cats puss. Slowly, wet with her juices, he slipped a finger inside her ass. She moaned long and low, her breath coming hard and fast, "Ohhh god, oh Randy fuck me, yesssss."

"Tell me baby, tell me where you want me."

She answered quickly and without hesitation, "Oh god baby, fuck me, fuck my ass." He moved his body behind her, positioning himself to take her, rubbing her slit with the head of his cock. Her juices were soaking him, covering his shaft. Randy pressed the head of his hard cock against her tight little hole and held it there, the pressure making Cat gasp. She was nearly screaming now "Fuck me, my god I want you. Fuck me Randy!"

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anal Sex- Erotic story

Cat moved her hands across his back, slipping her fingers beneath the band of his shorts and pushing them down. God she wanted him. He was squeezing her breasts lightly, sucking her nipples and flicking them with his tongue. "Where do you want me Cat?" he whispered. He knew what she wanted, what she always wanted, but he loved to hear her say it.

"Fuck me, let me feel you inside me baby." It wasn't enough, he wanted to make her beg for it, to tell him exactly where she wanted him.

"Tell me, ask me for it," he was biting her ear lobe as he said it, his words raspy and low.

"Oh god, take me Randy. You know where I want you." He placed his hands on her hips and forcefully turned her onto her tummy, raising her to her knees and positioning her perfect ass in front of him.

Cats g-string was barely showing from between her ass cheeks, teasing Randy, taunting him. She was so perfect, her skin as smooth as silk. With his hands on her hips he leaned in, kissing her, biting her cheeks and rubbing them. He slid his fingers under the tiny strip of material and pulled it down over her ass. Her pussy was clearly visible, puffy and swollen from her excitement, so soft and pink. He couldn't resist running his tongue along her slit.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Anal Sex Story

He made it to their spot seconds before she did but it was enough to allow him to gloat. "Getting slow in your old age, Kitty Cat?" Of course, she had only just passed her 26th birthday but age was still a sore spot.

"Old? Fuck you grandpa, I'll show you old!" Cat had a fierce temper but she was anything but mad now. Hot and already wet from thinking about Randy watching her ass she playfully tackled him. With her on top and him pinned beneath her lithe body she made a show of stripping, pulling her sweat soaked tee over her head and unhooking the snaps on her bra.

God how he loved her tits. They were perfect, lily white skin, firm, pear shaped globes with the most gorgeous, suckable nipples God ever created. She was truely beautiful, the problem was that she knew it. And, whenever possible, used that to her advantage. He didn't mind though, as long as she kept him happy and fulfilled she could do whatever else she liked.

Randy moved quickly and captured Cats wrists, twisting his body to push her to the ground next to him. She wasn't in control this time. He wanted her and wanted her now without any playful little games getting in the way.

She could feel his cock hard against her thigh as they kissed. He was fumbling with the zipper on her shorts, tugging to get them undone. When he slid them down and off her ankles he couldn't help but stare at what was before him. Here was the object of his desire, long legs, flat tummy, smooth white skin with curves in all the right places. Her G-string was black and he loved the contrast against her skin. She spread her legs slightly and smiled up at him. Randy kissed her tummy, just above her navel and worked his way up, kissing and sucking, the taste of her skin salty on his lips.